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Lamma Island, HK

One of my favorite days in Hong Kong was talking the 30 minute ferry ride to the fisherman village / hippie enclave of Lamma Island. The entire island is only about 8.5 square miles and there are no automobiles allowed on the island. Instead, people get around by foot or bike, while there are itty-bitty police cars and ambulances to get around the island, while small flatbed trucks will not hesitate to run over anyone in the street (you literally find your self gripping to the side of a wall to let these folks ride by). We hiked around the entirety of the island, which brought us high above the sea, for gorgeous views of the area around us, and through the several small villages that are home to the 6,000 residents of the island. The main commercial drag of the island is lined with seafood restaurants along the coast and a mix of Chinese mom-and-pop and vegan grocery stores. Halfway through our hike we ran into "Grandma Tofu," a lady who serves up a refreshing tofu porridge with a ginger syrup, while we ended our night picking out the fish that would soon become our dinner.