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Food in Hong Kong

The gustatory adventures in Hong Kong were plenty. Novelty fast foods; Hong Kong milk tea ice cream in a mall; squid on a stick in front of a statue of Bruce Lee; dim sum atop an office complex in Kowloon; egg waffles from the street; and noodles, lots of noodles.

On first night in Hong Kong, anxious to get out and explore, we stumbled into a late-night noodle shop not far from our hotel, where we were the only Westerners in sight, and we pointed to pictures on a menu to gregarious waiter, since there was no English version. Or maybe there was. All I remember is there was a lot of pointing. And it took me a while to explain "Diet Coke." And there was a cat in the restaurant (cue Chinese food joke now).

I took a day to myself to walk around Central District and in-and-out of vegetable stalls and open-air meat markets. We visited a tea shop in Kowloon. And ate more noodles.