Food in Hong Kong

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The gustatory adventures in Hong Kong were plenty. Novelty fast foods; Hong Kong milk tea ice cream in a mall; squid on a stick in front of a statue of Bruce Lee; dim sum atop an office complex in Kowloon; … Continue reading

Lamma Island, HK

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One of my favorite days in Hong Kong was talking the 30 minute ferry ride to the fisherman village / hippie enclave of Lamma Island. The entire island is only about 8.5 square miles and there are no automobiles allowed … Continue reading

Thai Food

Chicken kebabs
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The food in Phuket, as expected, was incredible—freshly-caught fish and exotic fruits I had never seen before. I had the best green curry of my life at a seaside shack near our hotel, and took a Thai cooking class where … Continue reading

James Bond Island / July 5 2012

Leaving the shores of Phuket ...
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Our first adventure in Phuket was a boat trip to James Bond Island, a strange, monolithic rock formation that got its famous nickname from its appearance in “The Man with the Golden Gun.”